Parallax design, technically known as parallax scrolling, is a special technique that involves the slower movement of background images than the ones in the foreground along with the creation of an illusion based on immersion and depth. Once this specific process was adopted for video games, but nowadays, many websites are found to use them as part of their overall UX strategies.

So, What Is Parallax Design in Web Development?

When the background of a webpage maintains a different speed in its movement from the other parts of a webpage with the goal to bring in an impressive aesthetic and visual effect, we call it a parallax design that virtually allows the owners to use numerous creative applications to accomplish their online storytelling purposes. So, this newfound technique clearly brings us some benefits, such as

  • A great way to impress viewers with the animation and depth of webpages
  • A creative approach much like a story-telling way to help visitors browse through the site
  • A direction to lead visitors to different calls to action on a website
  • A reinforcement of the credibility of a website by dint of interactive viewing experiences
  • Provocation of curiosity among visitors
  • A positive way to ensure that visitors stay long enough to scroll through the end of the page

Parallax and Possibilities

When it comes to the adoption of parallax design as the focal element of your website UX, possibilities are huge. Look at some portfolio sites and landing pages that use this concept ideally!

Smaller than most business sites and likely to have the key elements on a single page, these websites are expected to display a large volume of content and interactive elements in one page without requiring the visitors to move onto other pages. Having the parallax effect, a webpage has the potential to let users explore many things with just a few scrolls.

For websites that need to display products and services in smart manners, parallax can be a great boon to the inclusion of interactive elements. Visitors these days seem to have more interest in seeing than in reading pages after pages.

What about a 360° view of all your products/services? It may not be exactly a video but surely is an animated way to convey a compelling note on the product that’s having it. Viewers can get informed and willing to extend their engagement through participation in your desirable activity. Just imagine the possibility!

Parallax design has its limitations to hold you back from following it spontaneously. One of them is the SEO disadvantages which can be dealt with careful planning, so that the website gets more than just one set of Meta information.

Another serious issue that needs to be taken care of is the site speed issue. Parallax websites aren’t really known for their speed (fast loading time). An expert can obviously take care of it.

Now that you know “what is parallax design”, you have just one more step to complete if you’re interested in it. Think about all those mobile users. Make sure your website doesn’t get bad hits just because your visitors can’t access it or get to enjoy the most of your webpages using their small devices.

Finally, a website if it has to be created with a parallax effect needs to be worked out (planned) very carefully right from the design and development stage.


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