Just the moment you think you need to own a website, the first big thing that should be on your mind how you design it and how much it’s going to cost you. In practice, web design covers a vast area that includes pretty much all things, from buying a domain and hosting service and making a plan for the whole thing to design and build it and finally launch it. So, how much does web design cost?

In this article, you’ll learn how much exactly one has to spend to get a website designed and built before launching it. Assuming that you’re willing to consider some preliminary things like domain, hosting, server, etc. as your own thing to deal with, we’ll be discussing the mainstream web design activities.

Creating a Complete Template

A design template gives you the way to go with the development process. Unless you’ve a well-designed template, you cannot expect a useful website. The template should include everything, from the logo, color, text styles to the menu, header elements, footer, buttons/CTAs, widgets (if you want some), and other visual elements.

You may need to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 for this part depending on how many pages are to be designed and which specific elements are to be designed. You may want to get a logo separately at $5-$100, but that won’t be cost-efficient.

Conversion of the Template into Codes

Here starts the technical side of the process. A front-end designer will take care of the HTML and CSS to make the template ready for the browser to render. The conversion of a typical template may cost you $30-$100 or even more depending on the number of elements and webpages to be converted.

However, the cost may go up a little bit if you’re interested in a responsive website, the trend of the age. Don’t worry it’s not going to take you another 100 bucks but just a slight increase in the price mentioned in this section.

Conversion into WordPress or Other Content Management Systems (CMS)

When you’re willing to take your website seriously and want it to be useful for both yourself and the visitors, converting the HTML and CSS version into WordPress or any other CMS is the way to go. It’s going to cost you $50-$200, give or take.

Free and Paid Themes

There’re thousands of both free and paid WordPress themes in the marketplaces. The same is true about other CMSs too. Choosing one of these themes lets you get things done without paying for the cost and undergoing the hassles involved in the first two steps.

While you may choose free themes in which case you need to pay for the WordPress configurations and development, and the cost can be anywhere between $100-$200. However, paid themes are in most cases more useful and powerful when it comes to the usability of the website and visitors’ impression. For a paid theme, the price can be an extra $10 to $75.

Other things that you might want to include can be plugins and APIs which are available for free or a particular price. Even you can get one created for your needs. Custom plugins or APIs often cost you a little extra, but they pay off better when you’re concerned about the efficiency and security of them. Be prepared to spend $20-$100 more if you go big on them.

So, how much does web design cost? It can be as low as just $100 and as high as $1000 or way higher considering how much interactive and powerful you want it to be.


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